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The Ambrette Restaurant - Rye

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The White Vine House,
24 High Street,
East Sussex
TN31 7JF


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More Information About The Ambrette Restaurant - Rye

Reserve tables @ The Ambrette Restaurant in Rye online or call: 0845 053 7533. Situated in the White Vine House in the main street in Rye, this historic setting will, we believe, create the perfect ambience for The Ambrette concept.

Ambrette Restaurant in Rye

The restaurant opens officially on December 1st 2011. We can't wait for you to experience this fantastic new setting. So reserve your table early, BookOnlineNow. Our inaugural concept restaurant in Margate will remain as it is and will carry on serving the finest cuisine with an excellent level of service.

Ambrette Rye Restaurant @ White Vine House
Sample Menu


Fresh fillet of English Channel Sardine
Spiced with carom seeds and ginger. The sardine is a favourite food of Southern India. The fish is typically eaten fresh. Fried sardines are a much sought-after delicacy.

Delicate fillet of Claresse
spice crusted with sesame seeds, black pepper and coriander seeds then pan grilled.Claresse is a freshwater fish from the European catfish family. The pinkish-white fillets are moist, have a mild flavour and firm texture.

Tender breasts of wood pigeon
Char grilled with ginger and aromatic spices. Served with a delicious game mince patty and a raita of shallots and coriander.

Tender breast of British chicken
marinated in coriander, mint and green herbs and slow roasted in the tandoor. Served with cucumber raita.

Succulent belly ribs of Sussex pork
flavoured with fennel and sesame seeds. Served with a delicious pickle of green apple and spices.

Tender and sweet brochettes of Sussex lamb
marinated in mouth watering pickles and charcoal roasted. Served on a mildly spiced bed of sweet potatoes. The pickles melt the surface of the meat into a gamey, succulent and pate like texture.

Main Courses

All main courses are served with flavoured Basmati rice and naan.

Delicious Sussex Beef mince
slow cooked with organic cracked wheat and fragrant beef cake flavoured with rose petals, cloves and cumin and served with an aromatic sauce of peppers, mint and ginger. We have drawn inspiration from a delectable Persian dish called "Haleem".

Gently spiced meat of Fresh local crabs
stir fried and served with a aromatic crab jus flavoured with mustard oil, cinnamon and cardamom.This style of cooking crabs comes from the coastal states of eastern India and is very popular amongst the fishing communities.

Breast of British chicken
char grilled and served in an aromatic North Indian style sauce flavoured with nutmeg, cloves and fresh coriander. We have drawn inspiration from the imperial kitchens of the Mughal Empire. It is predominant in parts of North India and has been strongly influenced by Persian and Turkic cuisines.

Tender and juicy loin of Sussex pork
spice crusted with cinnamon and fennel then pangrilled. Served with an aromatic Goan style sauce of malt vinegar and garlic wine. Accompanied by flavoured Basmati rice.

Tender brochettes of leg of Sussex lamb
slow cooked in gravy of exotic Kashmiri spices. Accompanied by flavoured Basmati rice.Cuisine in the northern-most state of Kashmir is distinct in its flavours from the rest of the country. Spices are very aromatic and individual. This dish is the perfect comfort food with sweet smelling spices of cinnamon and saffron.

Breast of Gressingham duck
pan grilled with spices and accompanied by a sauce of fresh oranges, fennel and cinnamon.(We cook this unique variety of duck medium rare to ensure that it retains its succulence and fantastic gamey flavour). The Gressingham Duck was created by crossing the Wild Mallard with the Pekin Duck (a domesticated variety bred in China). The result is a duck bursting with wonderfully succulent flavoursome meat.

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Online Menus


Sorry this restaurant has not uploaded any menus for you to view.

The Ambrette Restaurant - Rye Reviews



"The cooking and service is every bit as good as at the Margate original. More surprisng is that the prices as just as low. How can food be brilliant, at these prices in such an up-market town?"
Craig @ The Ambrette in Rye - November 2011


"What a beautiful building, a perfect new location for the Ambrette. I enjoyed my meal full of flavour with special suprises inbetween courses. The service was spot on, all very experienced. Not to attentive. Will definitely be recommending SUPERB! Well Done. "
James Gibson - November 2011


"Oh my goodness me, it was out of this world! I had foods that I'm not normally that enamoured by, pork in particular. But it was heavenly and
when I go back I will have the same. My boyfriend, who spends his time
between France and London and so has his fair share of Michelin
experiences, was equally impressed.

It truly was fabulous and I cannot wait to go back and take friends and
family there. Truly a pleasure and
delight for the tastebuds.

The White Vine was beautiful as always. The two compliment each other


"Wow! This place is seriously good. Top notch food. Very good service and great value. The bill for 8 of us came to less than £200 including service. Most of us had 3 course and we had a bottle of wine and other drinks."
Dickie - January 2012


"A remarkable restaurant. If this was in London, prices would be double. Such are the subtle flavourings, it's safe to take people who think they don't like Indian food. Make sure to book. Tables are at a premium."
Harvey - April 2012


"Unbelievably good food at ridiculously low prices, especially their lunch time menu."
Andrew Hudson - October 2012


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Opening Times:

Mon: TBA 
Tue: 11.30 - 2.30 & 6 - 10pm 
Wed: 11.30 - 2.30 & 6 - 10pm 
Thu: 11.30 - 2.30 & 6 - 10pm 
Fri: 11.30 - 2.30 & 6 - 10pm 
Sat: 11.30 - 2.30 & 6 - 10pm 
Sun: 11.30 - 2.30 & 6 - 10pm 


The Ambrette Rye is now open. We can't wait for you to experience this fantastic new setting, so reserve your table early, BookOnlineNow.


Reserve tables @ Ambrette-Rye online or call: 0845 053 7533. Ambrette Restaurant in Rye - set in the historic White Vine House Rye. Ambrette Indian Restaurant Rye TN31 7JF


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