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Restaurant Owners - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have online ordering!Get Your Restaurant Listed

You get FREE advertising – we will be delivering over 1 million leaflets advertising OrderOnlineNow - So results are guaranteed! We advertise – You get the business.

OrderOnlineNow is the ideal partner for your business, because you only pay for results. A newspaper ad might cost you £100 per week – How much business do you get?

For every £100 you spend with us, we guarantee you over £1000 in sales! What other form of advertising gives you this guarantee!

Why sell takeaway food online?

Everyone now uses the Internet and they want to order everything online. Ordering a takeaway is no different. If you want your share of orders from the Internet, then you need OrderOnlineNow.

You don’t need your own website and you don't need a computer in your restaurant - we take care of your web page and online menu - we set it all up for you! It couldn't be easier to start receiving orders from the Internet. That leaves you free to focus on what you do best - cooking great food.

This is how it works!

Your menu is set up online so people can order from your latest online menu. We then send their order to you by fax or email - which takes only a few seconds to be printed out on your terminal. We do not telephone you with the order because it’s too slow, (about 5 minutes per order). This means, in the same time it takes to write down 1 order by telephone – we could have sent you more than 10 from the Internet. Taking orders this way improves accuracy - and leaves your phone lines free for telephone customers or your next online order.

If you don't have fax or email in your restaurant, then we will install a small terminal on which you will receive your orders, invoices and important news from OrderOnlineNow. The terminal is small and has a telephone attached. It uses your existing phone line and only takes about 15 seconds to receive an order. This means there is no need for a new phone line and less busy tones for other customers when they phone.

The order is printed, which means fewer customers complaining about mistakes. Taking takeaway orders has never been so quick and easy!

Money straight away!

You collect all monies from the customer. We do not charge them. You can offer to let them pay by: cash, cheque or credit card. If customers want to pay by credit card, then they leave details of their card and we will send those details to you securely. You can then use your existing merchant account to take their money. There are no extra card fees from us!

How do I pay OrderOnlineNow?

We send our invoices on the first of the month, for the previous month’s commission and collect from your nominated bank account by direct debit on 12th of the month. We only accept payment by credit card or direct debit.

No risk!

There is no risk – Our low set up fee includes your terminal and web page. There is no minimum term. In fact we are so sure you will get business that if you don’t receive business worth 10 times your set up fee in the first year - we will refund your set up fee. So you can sign up now with absolutely no risk.

Remember  - If we don't get you business - you pay us nothing!

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