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Argie Bargie

Argie Bargie


Wines of Argentina is teaming up with Soho new-comer Ceviche Peruvian restaurant for "London Ceviche" Week (23rd to 30th June) with a “Time for Torrontés” summer campaign.

London Ceviche Week is the invention of Ceviche’s owner, Martin Morales, coinciding with National Ceviche Day in Peru on 28th.

The Argentina-Peruvian culinary alliance has echoes of the 1978 World Cup, held in Argentina, when it was alleged that the the country’s dictator Jorge Videla, struck a deal with the government of Peru to ensure Argentina made it to the final. The move involved delivery of a large grain shipment to Peru by Argentina, unfreezing of a Peruvian bank account held by the Argentine Central Bank and the imprisonment of 13 Peruvian dissidents in Argentina. In return the Peruvian team had to allow Argentina to win in their second-round match with a margin that was large enough to go the next round. Peru, having conceded six goals in their previous five games, proceeded to ship six against the hosts, allowing Argentina to reach the final ahead of Brazil. All of Argentina’s group matches kicked off at night, giving the hosts the advantage of knowing their standing in the group.


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