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Curry Diet

Curry Diet


Dieters looking to detox and shed a few pounds in January following the excesses of the festive season, are being advised not to leave curry off their diet in the New Year, by an award-winning Kent restaurateur.

Spicy foods are known to stimulate the metabolism, boost the immune system and boost the spirits on cold, damp dark winter days. Popular curry recipes contain turmeric, cumin, allspice, cardamom, ginger, garlic and capsicum - spices with strong anti-bacterial properties.

Rob Khan, the owner of The Rajdani near Sevenoaks, which was recently named Best Indian Restaurant in the South East at the Asian Curry Awards, says that contrary to popular belief, Indian food is not fattening: “When do you ever see an overweight Indian waiter, or even a rotund Indian chef?” he asked, with the proviso, “Some of the richer dishes laden with cream and butter should be avoided if you want to lose weight – and go easy on the lager.”

Apart from promoting weight loss, the spices use in Indian cookery offer a whole host of health benefits. Natural herbs and spices were used for their health-giving qualities for thousands of years before the invention of modern medicine. Many of the synthetic chemicals used in prescription and over-the-counter drugs, are derived from the active ingredients originally found in popular culinary flavourings.

“When I feel a cold coming on, my body instinctively craves spicy dishes like Jalfrazi, Dansak and Madras,” said Rajdani’s head chef Jimmi Shab.

“If my body energy levels are low I go for easily digestible, sizzling dishes like Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Fish or lightly spiced Shashlick (kebab) with capsicums, onion and vegetables.

“Rich Masala and Korma dishes are great for boosting energy – as long as you keep the portions small,” added Shab, who will be adding new lighter dishes to his menu with more vegan, vegetarian, fish and gluten-free options.


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